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GPS Tracker: Info via text message SMS

Can any business focused man or woman seriously go anyplace nowadays without having their smartphone?

Honestly, it would be rather hard to work without having that network. Basically we don’t excuse fleet drivers searching down in their cell phone while generating their way as time goes on, the mobile- friendly GPS tracker up-dates really are a outstanding method for supervisors to monitor points occurring within the field. It’s no surprise that fleet managers will have to check out their mobile phones. Now, thanks to the ease of GPS Tracking updates getting mobile- friendly there is a valid reason to be looking at their cell phone.

Getting important information via text has never been so easy. Notifications, for instance are one of the most effective automation functions for fleets. The GPS tracking system warn process empowers you to develop a limitless amount of alerts all with the ability to be sent as a text message and Consider how easy obtaining reminders of scheduled car upkeep could be!


Want more than simply alerts provided for your telephone? Your desire is given! With GPS tracker computer software data collected can be generated into reports, some of which can be seen on your cellphone. The most helpful reports might include information about drivers analytics including speed, idling, aggressive driving, and usage. Having all this delivered straight to operators promotes them to preserve an effective organization with less vehicle failures, accidents, and- money repair bills.


Signing into the cellphone software is easy to do and you will confirm the “Remember me” button to ensure that you don’t have to remember your password next time you want to log in. Begin getting your crucial GPS tracking info on your smart phone to add even more ease to your day time!


Tips For Chosing Best Gps Tracker

On many occasions, while driving to an unknown place we find our car in the middle of the wonderland. Every direction looks OK but still it is hard to decide which way to go. Maps are not helping out and weak phone signal making it hard to get in touch with known one. What is the way to get out of you the troubling situation? The best answer to this tricky query is the GPS-tracker. It is the tracking system which will assist you in finding your destination. If you don’t have the GPS tracker for car, it could easily result in a huge mistake which you must avoid by all means.

There is still lot more to convey regarding true benefits of GPS tracking system but now the time has arrived to share some effective tips which will allow you to purchase the best GPS tracker for car:

1.    Different Types Of Tracking Systems - In the market you will find 4 types of GPS-trackers but the car navigation GPS system is simply the best in the business. It is the most effective device which will get you the exact location when you are driving your vehicle without a map.

2.    Tracker With Voice Instructions - If you decide to purchase the GPS tracking system, select the one which comes with voice instructions feature. There are certain models available in the market which will only offer visual location maps which are not effective enough especially when you are driving alone.

3.    Real Time tracking Feature - Real Time tracking is an impressive feature which you need to look for while buying the tracking system. With this feature, you are allowed to gain all vital information with a visual representation. If you have doubts, you are not making the right turns just using real-time tracking and erase your entire queries.

4.    Adequate Quality - As a user, you need to focus on the quality of the GPS tracker. Buying a cheap and low-quality tracking system is of no use. The tracking system is a worth investment to make which will result in fruitful outcomes in near future.

5.    Monitor Your Speed - In order to avoid any trouble with the police due to over speeding, you must opt for the GPS tracking with speed limit monitor feature. With this feature, you will always drive within the prescribed speed limits and voice instructions will guide you out to avoid any police trouble.

6.    User-friendly - User-friendly GPS tracker is the one which your grandma can even use without any hassle. What is the point in getting a techno-geek which is out of your radar? In order to make the right call, execute a bit of searching and check out enough reviews to get aware of the actual performance of GPS tracking system.

Above-mentioned tips are more than sufficient to choose the best GPS tracker for your vehicle and avoid any trouble which you can face while enjoying your journey.

Geofences and GPS Tracking

For starters, we have to go over exactly what a geofence is. It Is an online barrier or border all-around an actual area. Like a actual fencing, it makesa parting in between that area and also the space around it.


It could be any size or shape, even a direct line among two points.


Geofences are set up applying gps tracking software, which enable an individual to draw the geofence on the wanted area. It comprises of an accumulation of harmonizes( latitude and longitude) or when it comes to a rounded geofence some point that forms the middle.


How can geofences use Gps Device?


The link between a geofence and Gps Unit is dependant on position. A geofence contains a repaired spot and something using Gps Device( a vehicle, machine, or person) is generally moving (or can be relocated ).


For any GPS tracked item to utilize a geofence there's something that requirement to take place. The list below is definitely an estimate order of methods a geofence could be setup.


A geofence is generated making use of mapping/ gps tracking software, such as GPSLive


The GPS tracked item requires to be able to report its position( latitude / longitude) to your program.


The tracked subject needs to be connected with your mapping computer software. In Telogis


A guide has to be setup that produces an alert when the tracked subject gets into (or simply leaves ) the geofenced place.


Using these methods completed you could start to utilize geofences and GPS together to further improve business processes or report on the movement of monitored objects in relation to the geofenced location.


Do GPS tracked objects result in a geofence alert instantly?


If you were to break through a literal stability fence, it would probably result in an instantaneous alarm system. Geofences, nevertheless, don’t always respond as instantaneously. This is due to the credit reporting rate of the GPS tracked object, which in most cases will be all around 20 just a few seconds.


This means a physical object could break the rules of a geofence and the alert may only trigger 20 just a few seconds later on (or longer if it isa reduced credit reporting rate ).


Why would somebody select a reduced confirming price? Sometimes it is done if the Gps Unit hardware is battery powered or you'll find limits to the amount of data which can be transmitted on the selected cellular data plan.


Does the object have to cross the geofence perimeter to trigger an alert?


In most cases, a geofence alert will probably be brought about each time a tracked item moves across a geofence perimeter (the An alert will probably be triggered each time a tracked object reports from inside a geofenced location.


Fleet Tracking for highyway safety

GPS trackers: Safety is the key


Safety on the roads gets more diffcult as the amount of individuals on the roads raise. Are your fleets part of the statistics for traffic incidents? If not, is it not worth taking a look into what you could do to avoid incidents? Studying the very best causes of traffic incidents lets us know that 4 out of the top4 consist of; distracted driving, speeding, careless driving and rain. 


1. ) Distracted Driving: GPS tracker devices could be established prior to the driver leaves the office so there is no reason to configure the device while the automobile is moving. GPS trackers can provide ease for dispatching with the use of 2way communication. So you can guide your drivers to give them turn -by- turn directions, alert about upcoming traffic, weather or obstacles to avoid accidents. So there is no reason for mobile devices to be used whilst your drivers are on the road. GPS Trackers enables drivers to concentrate on driving properly.

2. ) Speeding: It happens to the best of us, when we’re in a hurry. The feeling; that speeding is required to get to where we want to be. This can be overwhelming when your drivers are on a strict timeline. It’s important to remember that speeding can be financially expensive and the dangers are not worth it! To ensure your drivers are not disregarding the speed limit, GPS trackers can be set to send speeding notifications. The info concerning the driver performances can also be quickly accessed utilizing GPSLive reviews. Utilizing Fleet Tracking reports, fleet managers can decide the best plan of action.


3. ) Reckless Driving: Rewire Security's tracking platform; GPSLive provides extensive different reports, which can be generated easily. One of these reports allow you to track you driver's sudden speeding and sudden breaks. When you are attempting to determine whether unsafe driving practices are being used, these reviews prove useful. If a driver goes from 40 mph to miles per hour in just5 seconds, it may not be so scary, but if the exact same driver were to have a sudden decline in speed from 70 miles per hour to miles per hour in around 10 secs it should be cause for concern. This is a sign of slamming on brakes. Same goes for improve of speed in 10 seconds from mph to 70 mph.


4. ) Rainy Weather: Traffic accidents take place when it rains due to the slippery roads, and drivers often do not slow down. Commonsense would let you know to avoid an accident you need to drive extra careful when it rains, but sometimes the rain comes on unexpected and strong. In the event that drivers feel the need to pull over or want to steer clear of going into a bad storm, GPS trackers will help. Fleet managers can monitor driver places and warn them when thunder storms are coming in so they can stay aware. 


The fact is, security and safety should be your main focus. GPS trackers will help eliminate risks of all of these major incident reasons, so your drivers aren’t soon to become the next for the traffic accidents graphs of 2016. If you’re looking for a way to fight traffic issues, GPS Trackers are always here to help you.