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Alzheimer Trackers and How They Help Elders

When an elderly loved one is diagnosed with dementia or a condition that involves memory loss like Alzheimer’s, it used to be that the only option was a care facility with assisted living. Unless a close family member was able to devote their lives to providing constant care, or afford a professiona…

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Benefits of Body-Worn Camera Devices For Security Personnel

Body-worn cameras have been at the center of many discussions regarding their usefulness. However, several studies proved that these compact HD recording devices are very effective against people with criminal intent. A Cambridge study led by Dr. Barak Ariel involving over 2000 police officers showe…

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Why Should You Buy a GPS Tracker?

GPS tracking technology is being used regularly by everyone in today’s world. GPS based applications are often used in many areas such as fleet management, aviation, mapping and telecommunications. The U.S. Air Force originally put the GPS satellite system into orbit for military use, but they opene…

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It is hard being a parent of a teenager. Having a child comes with many responsibilities and as a parent, you have to do everything you can to keep them safe. When your teenage child passes their driving test, it is understandable as a parent that you feel worried. According to authorities, the numb…

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GPS tracking devices decrease poor driver habits


Choosing the correct man for the position can be a demanding part of fleet supervisors. You simply don't know Some terrible fleet workforce move on with That's, unless, of course, these units can be quite an assist in multiple strategies to support fleet business owners discover and take away th…

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Save on gas bills with the help of GPS Tracking Devices

Gasoline bills are among the most discussed fleet expenses, as many aim to figure out how to lower them. Many fleet managers come to feel they spend less in the fall Perhaps your drivers are going about their day all wrong and there isn’t any way for you to find out about it, if you don't have GPS…

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Benefits of Using Body Worn CCTV Cameras in Security

Body worn cctv cameras have grown to be a crucial aspect of the protective methods law enforcement use to cover their guards, by calming anger at the start ofa potential fight. After looking at the achievements attempts applied via the authorities, individual corporations started to do the same, spe…

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