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Alzheimer Trackers and How They Help Elders

When an elderly loved one is diagnosed with dementia or a condition that involves memory loss like Alzheimer’s, it used to be that the only option was a care facility with assisted living. Unless a close family member was able to devote their lives to providing constant care, or afford a professional in-house nurse, assisted living was the only way to ensure that your elderly loved one was safe. With the recent developments in the field of personal GPS tracking, it is now possible for elderly patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia to live much less assisted lives, oftentimes even in the comfort of their own homes. As a matter of fact, they can start visiting their nearby friends or places they like to frequent without fearing that they will wander off on their own.

Our aging loved ones want to remain home as long as possible because of the symptoms of their condition. The familiarity and security of their home and their independence are challenged almost daily. Cognitive abilities diminish gradually over the years, which results in the need for constant supervision or assistance. Unfortunately, this is especially true for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Making the personal GPS technology available to families in need has been a true breakthrough. The ability to locate a lost loved one when they have wandered has not only saved time and money but also the precious lives of those we love so dearly.

One of the most important benefits of GPS tracking for dementia patients is the peace of mind it provides for family members and caregivers and the patients themselves. In early stages of the illness, moments of lucidity can be long and confusion or forgetfulness can be extremely intermittent. Geofence zones are critical for dementia patients who tend to wander. It provides an extra pair of eyes that never sleep and are always watching. More importantly, it will notify the responsible parties if your loved one exits a designated area so you can take immediate action – even if you happen to be sleeping – to find them.



Benefits of Body-Worn Camera Devices For Security Personnel

Body-worn cameras have been at the center of many discussions regarding their usefulness. However, several studies proved that these compact HD recording devices are very effective against people with criminal intent. A Cambridge study led by Dr. Barak Ariel involving over 2000 police officers showed that body cams reduced the complaints against the police officers by 93% in a 12 month time period. Dr. Barak said that no other device has ever achieved such results before.

Following the studies that body-worn video recorders are in fact extremely effective, police stations all over the world were given funds to arm their officers with body cams. Regardless of their line of work, security personnel all over the world have to deal with assailants and angry crowds on a daily basis. Most of these altercations end up with a physical attack on the security guards because of the alcohol and various substances involved. The scene of the incident can even be a hospital where angry patient relatives lash out to the hospital security in their grief. The point is, security guards have to deal with arguments and fights every day. With a body worn camera in the mix, people are less likely to attack the personnel. The presence of a camera alters human behavior significantly and reduce the number of incidents.

Body-worn cameras can record HD quality video and audio that can be used as evidence in physical confrontations. If the security personnel had to use force, with the footage provided by the body cam, authorities can decide whether it is justified or not. Almost all of the body-worn video recorders have a pre-event video recording feature that captures the event 30 seconds before a security guard hits the button, so they can focus on the event and start recording when it is safe. 

Body-worn cameras are proven deterrents in face to face conflicts and help law enforcement agencies and security companies deal with the complaints after the incidents. HD quality recordings of events definitely make things easier for authorities and business owners to decide if the use of force is justified. Body-cams are excellent devices to ensure the safety of security personnel and law enforcement officers.

Why Should You Buy a GPS Tracker?

GPS tracking technology is being used regularly by everyone in today’s world. GPS based applications are often used in many areas such as fleet management, aviation, mapping and telecommunications. The U.S. Air Force originally put the GPS satellite system into orbit for military use, but they opened it to public use in the 1980s. This lead to remarkable developments in the field of GPS. The general use availability, cheap cost and advancements in the field made GPS tracking solutions a great tool for companies, business and personal use. There are many advantages of installing a GPS tracking device to your vehicles such as increasing your vehicle’s security, real-time location tracking and immobilisation.

One of the most significant reasons for installing a GPS tracking device is its unmatched help for fleet management.  Managing a massive fleet spread out over a large area is a challenging task. By tracking their vehicles in real-time fleet managers can run their operation with less effort. With the help of GPS tracking solutions, fleet managers significantly reduce expenses and costs, save the company time and money in the process.

In addition to that, it’s getting more and more difficult to live up to customers’ expectations today. Consumers nowadays expect to know where their delivery is at any given time. Integrating a GPS tracking solution will not only solve most of the customer-related problems, but it will also give fleet owners absolute control over their vehicles – anytime and anywhere. GPS Technology has been providing necessary information to companies and businesses to help them grow over the years.

Here’s detailed information on how exactly GPS tracking devices can help your business expand:

1. Lower Fuel Costs

Fuel costs account for a substantial amount of fleet expenses and it’s a priority for any fleet manager to lower unnecessary fuel consumption. With the help of telematics data provided by the GPS tracking platform, fleet managers can reduce the fuel costs by analysing the causes of excess fuel usage such as excessive idling, unauthorised vehicle use, driver behaviour and overspeeding. Additionally, by utilising real-time location tracking, managers can steer drivers through crowded spots, traffic, road maintenance and redirect nearby drivers to a customer in need increasing customer satisfaction in the process. GPS tracking solutions allow fleet managers have complete control over their fleet which enables them to make the necessary changes to lower fuel costs.

2. Helps Your Fleet To Be More Productive

GPS tracking data can help fleet managers identify driver behaviour issues such as speeding, idling, harsh braking. This enables managers to warn their employees and take necessary action to improve work performance. Managers can also check official start and end of shifts, delivery arrival times and unnecessary stops. This will allow dispatchers to respond to more job requests and increase overall productivity. Another benefit of GPS tracking solutions is that managers have the data for gas mileage and driver data already so they can get rid of false overtime and gas claims. Also with scheduled deliveries and automated time sheets, drivers will be reaching customers in less time and carry more payloads to their destination.


3. Vehicle Theft Protection

One of the biggest losses for a fleet company is when their vehicle gets stolen. Vehicle theft is still a big problem in the UK as 100.000 cars get stolen every year. But that’s where fleet GPS tracker devices come in to save the day. With the data provided by GPS tracking platform, fleet managers and owners can recover their vehicles by locating them in real-time, notify the authorities of its location and assisting them to retrieve it quickly and safely.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Nowadays customers demand to know where their delivery is at any given time. This way they can check if their delivery is on its way or predict when it arrives. Asset tracking is important for the customers, so providing this information for them is crucial if you want to stay ahead of the game against your competitors. GPS tracking platform allows managers to track their assets in real-time so they can relay the requested information to their customers when needed. GPS tracking devices increase customer satisfaction tremendously and help you grow your business as a result.

5. Greater Security

Last but not the least: accidents on the road, vehicle breakdown, road maintenance or any kind of emergency situation requires a swift reaction. GPS tracking platform provides fleet managers with the data to prevent possible accidents, avoid crowded traffic or any maintenance on the road. Also in the case of an emergency, managers can alert authorities and send help to the driver or vehicle in need. This way fleet managers can always keep their vehicles and drivers safe and secure. GPS tracking systems increase the overall the security of fleets by a large margin.


It is hard being a parent of a teenager. Having a child comes with many responsibilities and as a parent, you have to do everything you can to keep them safe. When your teenage child passes their driving test, it is understandable as a parent that you feel worried. According to authorities, the number one cause of death among teenagers between ages 16-20 is car accidents. With such frightening statistics, all parents fear for the safety of their children when they are behind the wheel.

Modern parents discovered a way to make sure their teenager stays safe and secure by using GPS tracking technology. Due to their inexperience, teenage drivers are more prone to be involved in car accidents but now family members can monitor their driving behaviour to teach them how to become better drivers.

Personal tracking devices can be used to track teenagers not only when they are driving but at all times. Personal locators are small devices usually the size of a matchbox which makes it easy for them to be placed in a backpack or a pocket. If you don’t want your teenager to know that you are tracking their movements, you can also conceal them easily. With magnetic cases, the small tracking device can also be attached to a metal surface such as the vehicle of your teenager.

Installing a GPS tracker can make teen drivers feel uneasy and worry about a lack of trust from their parents. It is essential for parents carefully explain the benefits of these devices and use them as educational tools. When parents are upfront about monitoring tools, teenagers will be more likely to drive better and make safer decisions. Using them as a coaching device and allowing teenagers to take on a greater responsibility will result in improving their skills and decision-making.

There are numerous features that parents can take advantage of in order to protect their teenagers from getting in a crash or damaging the vehicle. Geo-fence zone feature allows family members to create safe zones. The tracking platform will send you a notification every time your teenager enters and leaves one of the pre-set zones. This feature is extremely useful if your child is frequently visiting certain places. You can create geo-fence zones around these areas and set an alert to be notified in the event of a breach. It is a useful feature for parents that want to know about their children’s arrival and departure times at a specific location.

GPS tracking technology provides more than location tracking and geo-fence zones. With the help of tracking platform, parents can gain insight into the driving behaviour of their child as well. Unwanted driver behaviour such as speeding, harsh braking or idling can be monitored by family members. A GPS tracking APP allows parents 24/7 access to the driver data with a mobile device. Family members can simply make a call and warn if the teen driver is speeding or exhibiting other dangerous actions. This will prevent them from making the same mistakes in the future and encourage them to be better drivers.

Personal tracking systems offer a layer of security for teenage drivers until they become experienced and skilled drivers. With tracking technology at hand, parents can breathe easier and allow their children to enjoy their time behind the wheel. It is hard to hand over the keys to your children when they first start driving but with a tracker attached, you can have a peace of mind knowing that you will be able to track their movements anytime you want. Buying a GPS tracker is a small price for the safety of a teenage driver given the dangers of the traffic.

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