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October 29, 2017

It is hard being a parent of a teenager. Having a child comes with many responsibilities and as a parent, you have to do everything you can to keep them safe. When your teenage child passes their driving test, it is understandable as a parent that you feel worried. According to authorities, the number one cause of death among teenagers between ages 16-20 is car accidents. With such frightening statistics, all parents fear for the safety of their children when they are behind the wheel.

Modern parents discovered a way to make sure their teenager stays safe and secure by using GPS tracking technology. Due to their inexperience, teenage drivers are more prone to be involved in car accidents but now family members can monitor their driving behaviour to teach them how to become better drivers.

Personal tracking devices can be used to track teenagers not only when they are driving but at all times. Personal locators are small devices usually the size of a matchbox which makes it easy for them to be placed in a backpack or a pocket. If you don’t want your teenager to know that you are tracking their movements, you can also conceal them easily. With magnetic cases, the small tracking device can also be attached to a metal surface such as the vehicle of your teenager.

Installing a GPS tracker can make teen drivers feel uneasy and worry about a lack of trust from their parents. It is essential for parents carefully explain the benefits of these devices and use them as educational tools. When parents are upfront about monitoring tools, teenagers will be more likely to drive better and make safer decisions. Using them as a coaching device and allowing teenagers to take on a greater responsibility will result in improving their skills and decision-making.

There are numerous features that parents can take advantage of in order to protect their teenagers from getting in a crash or damaging the vehicle. Geo-fence zone feature allows family members to create safe zones. The tracking platform will send you a notification every time your teenager enters and leaves one of the pre-set zones. This feature is extremely useful if your child is frequently visiting certain places. You can create geo-fence zones around these areas and set an alert to be notified in the event of a breach. It is a useful feature for parents that want to know about their children’s arrival and departure times at a specific location.

GPS tracking technology provides more than location tracking and geo-fence zones. With the help of tracking platform, parents can gain insight into the driving behaviour of their child as well. Unwanted driver behaviour such as speeding, harsh braking or idling can be monitored by family members. A GPS tracking APP allows parents 24/7 access to the driver data with a mobile device. Family members can simply make a call and warn if the teen driver is speeding or exhibiting other dangerous actions. This will prevent them from making the same mistakes in the future and encourage them to be better drivers.

Personal tracking systems offer a layer of security for teenage drivers until they become experienced and skilled drivers. With tracking technology at hand, parents can breathe easier and allow their children to enjoy their time behind the wheel. It is hard to hand over the keys to your children when they first start driving but with a tracker attached, you can have a peace of mind knowing that you will be able to track their movements anytime you want. Buying a GPS tracker is a small price for the safety of a teenage driver given the dangers of the traffic.

GPS tracking devices decrease poor driver habits

November 16, 2016


Choosing the correct man for the position can be a demanding part of fleet supervisors. You simply don't know Some terrible fleet workforce move on with That's, unless, of course, these units can be quite an assist in multiple strategies to support fleet business owners discover and take away the actions connected with. 


Listed below are 4 standard personality traits of bad drivers;

Missing important work deadlines,

Placing personalized business in advance of company business,

Milking the clock,

Payment complications,


Absent important deadlines for instance, delivering merchandise to buyers delayed or turning up overdue for shopper solutions is really a bad way to do business. If your vehicle operators do not worry about sticking to an agenda it's going to appear terrible on administration and the business as a whole. Not being aware of no matter whether your staff is even on the way is only unproductive. With GPS tracking all of the problems head out the window due to owning correct estimated points during the arrival to provide prospects.


Some poor behaviour an indication of a negative employee consist of having firm autos off and away to operate side jobs or idling in unknown areas unemployed. Making Use Of fleet vehicles for something apart from the project you desire your employees to do With GPS tracking the realtime tracking for each and every car or truck enables us to be aware of the exact place of each person, all over the place.

An effective fleet management grows to know their employees and confirms obvious, substantial anticipation. Several executives may possibly aim to get this done.


Perhaps, you will find that obtaining your staff show up at work is certainly not an issue by any means. Imagine if you only need to involve some How does one know? Would you just believe what they say for it? GPS tracking will not need you to check with this kind of concerns of your self or perhaps your employees. Using the Start-Stop function jobs are timed right away and right at the end allowing managing to have a genuine timeline of their total staff members area work for each task.


Trustworthy business is great business. You may want more income, however, you won’t want to obtain it in an unfavourable way. If the fleet people passed your web visitors an invoice getting them for additional work than essential, maybe you are likely to acquire more quarrels than you might have time for you to manage. With GPS tracking client invoicing is not that an issue in the slightest. Besides the Start Stop function assist executives to stay in the know, but it's actually just the thing for customers to see a detailed time stamp of the work concluded, too.


Each time a fleet owner can acknowledge terrible personnel speedily Being aware of the issue is fifty percent the struggle and due to GPS tracking it’s much easier to know straight away. Here you can 1080p best epic watch drone videos.

Save on gas bills with the help of GPS Tracking Devices

November 4, 2016

Gasoline bills are among the most discussed fleet expenses, as many aim to figure out how to lower them. Many fleet managers come to feel they spend less in the fall Perhaps your drivers are going about their day all wrong and there isn’t any way for you to find out about it, if you don't have GPS tracker gadgets in every car or truck. Currently, we’re going to detail 3 good reasons gasoline expenditures be more expensive if you're not applying Gps Device tracking system devices.


Virtually No Route Organizing is Perhaps the most common problem amongst vehicle drivers is taking the long way available. It may be random, however, many drivers know a good way to go and pick that path it doesn't matter what. Others only count on cell phone software or out-of-date personal gps devices to acquire around, usually getting themselves becoming lost and throwing away mileage in the process.


An Excessive Amount Of Idling: Cold weather might cause additional drivers to maintain the motor operating for a longer period in an attempt to warm-up the vehicle. Some drivers leaves an automobile working to rush inside for the purpose they feel is “just1 moment”. Each And Every second of idling accumulates, wastes energy, and is important towards the ultimate degradation of the motor.


The Tendency To Hurry: It is apparently a typical way of thinking amongst people that heading 5-10 kilometers within the speed limit is appropriate. Besides this being harmful, but speeding makes all the motor work harder and burn off much more gas.


Now, what can happen if you did have Gps Unit tracker equipment in each and every car? With GPS tracker devices dispatchers can supply change -by- switch guidelines to drivers and prepare the least amount of, most effective tracks to work- sites. This could remove difficulty with path organizing. Additionally, idling might be watched with reports and warnings. Ultimately, speeding may also be supervised by examining the GPS tracker information which can be automatically registered.


Benefits of Using Body Worn CCTV Cameras in Security

August 2, 2016

Body worn cctv cameras have grown to be a crucial aspect of the protective methods law enforcement use to cover their guards, by calming anger at the start ofa potential fight. After looking at the achievements attempts applied via the authorities, individual corporations started to do the same, specially in the security and safety market.

" Following the introduction of these cameras, our complaints fell, while satisfaction for our agents rose because they felt more protected and the customer interaction became more pleasant. "


Gareth Hughes, Marston Group Chief Executive


An article, published by the Oxford Mail, explains the usage of body worn cameras by Oxford University Medical Centers Security Officers of all4 As continues to be the situation in the previously talked about reports and sectors, the key determination for applying the body worn cctv depends on the necessity for preventing circumstances from growing. Based on Hospital supervisors, the use of the body cctv cameras will likely ultimately safeguard staff members towards incorrect claims expressed by either individuals or guests.


Crucial features of Body Worn CCTV Cameras;

  • High Definition Video & Audio,
  • Extra safety for users,
  • Fast complaint & argument solution,
  • Pre- record functionality offered,
  • Secure & encrypted hard drive,
  • Discreet yet practical & long lasting style and design.

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